Michael Weatherly Faces Off Against Roma Maffia in Intense Interrogation on 'Bull' -- Watch! (Exclusive)

ET exclusively debuts a sneak peek from Tuesday's episode.

Michael Weatherly is rolling up his sleeves in the search for the truth.

On Tuesday's episode of Bull, Weatherly's Dr. Jason Bull is hired by the D.A. to help convict Hazel Diaz (guest star Roma Maffia), an infamous drug dealer who murdered a police officer but has managed to avoid jail for years on an insanity defense feigning schizophrenia.

In ET's exclusive clip, Bull interrogates Hazel in his attempt to get the real story behind how she's been able to skirt the system all this time. Bull isn't successful in getting to the crux of the issue for hours, with Hazel insisting time and time again that she "has no memory" of shooting the police offer. But Bull isn't fully buying what she's selling -- and sure enough, Hazel begins to crack, making a tiny mistake that clues Bull in on what may really be going on                .

When Bull asks if she hears voices during one of her "psychotic breaks," Hazel thinks nothing of the question and answers in the affirmative that she heard "nonsense, gibberish" the night the officer was killed.

"You spent the last seven hours telling me you don't remember anything about that night. Now you remember hearing voices and what they were saying? Maybe you remember what you were wearing, or which hand was holding the gun that pulled the trigger?" Bull begins to press. "We have a real problem here, Hazel, because there's no such thing as having a psychotic break and remembering some things and not remember other things -- unless, of course, you're lying." Is Bull on to Hazel's games? Watch the exclusive clip above to find out.

Bull airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.