Miley Cyrus Gives Glowing Review to Lindsay Lohan's New Show

Miley Cyrus
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Miley Cyrus is coming to Lindsay Lohan’s defense!

More specifically, the 32-year-old actress’ new reality TV show, Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. This week, Vice Instagrammed a teaser of their review of the MTV show and, well, they didn’t exactly pull their punches.

“Lindsay Lohan’s new reality show, 'Beach Club,' is painful voyeurism," the outlet wrote. "When she fled America to live in Dubai and Greece, she was retreating to heal and rebuild herself…but the environment on a TV set seems like the worst place on Earth to do that. Unlike a lot of other reality TV, the show isn’t 'bad in a good way'—it’s just bad.”

Cyrus offered a brief but convincing rebuttal: “Lies! It’s the best show ever.”

Beach Club, which premiered this week, follows the titular star and her crew of employees as they manage her night club in Mykonos, Greece. It has been compared to shows like Vanderpump Rulesfor being a mix of professional problems at the club and relationship drama.

Earlier this month, Lohan spoke with ET about the new show and trading in her hard-partying reputation for the boss-pants

"That was so in my past," Lohan told ET of her former life as a nightclub fixture. "Most of my friends [now], actually, who own nightclubs and stuff aren't drinkers or anything."

"Because I'm running the show, I have to be on it and I have to keep myself busy," she added. "It's more fun to watch other people have their own fun with what they're doing. There's no judgment in it, though. It has nothing to do with my past."

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

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