Mindy Kaling Recounts Scary Story of Man Breaking Into BJ Novak's Car When She Was 8 Months Pregnant

Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

The mother of two says she held the door shut while BJ Novak tried to get his belongings back.

Mindy Kaling is known for her comedy work, but there was one incident that happened back in 2017 that didn't leave her laughing. 

She detailed the "genuinely scary situation" during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, sharing that she was over eight months pregnant with her daughter, Kat, at the time. 

The incident happened when she went to dinner with longtime friend and ex BJ Novak, saying they parked his car and she noticed a man watching them. 

"I noticed there was kind of a weird kind of guy staring at us from the parking meter. And I was like, 'OK, I don't love this,' but he was just standing there, whatever," Kaling, 43, recalled. "When we got out, he was like, 'Hey, love you guys on The Office.' And I was like, 'I'm such a dick. He's just a nice man who loves The Office, and I'm sitting here being like, 'Ah, that guy shouldn't be staring at us.'"

Kaling said she and Novak then walked to the restaurant, only to discover it was closed. When they returned to get back in his car, the man was inside it. 

"BJ's car is one of those fancy cars where for like a minute after when you leave it'll lock by itself, but there's a minute. So we go back to the car and the guy we had talked to by the meter, had gotten into BJ's car, was sitting in the driver's seat, had BJ's laptop open, and was on BJ's laptop," Kaling shared. "It was so strange. He didn't try to steal his stuff."

She added that without discussing a plan with Novak, she went to the driver's side to hold the door closed while Novak got in the passenger's side of the car with the man inside. 

"My sense of justice was greater than my sense of wanting to live," Kaling quipped. "BJ went in the other side and was like, 'What did you take?' The guy kept looking at the door trying to get out, and I was sitting there like, 'You're not going to going anywhere.'" 

She said that Novak got his laptop and other items back from the man and then nodded at her to let the guy out. 

"When the guy got out -- this was the strangest part -- he looked at us and said, 'You guys should be careful anybody could just get into your car,'" she said, laughing. "As though the whole thing had just been this ruse he had planned to teach us a valuable lesson."

Kaling said the man "kind of wandered away." She didn't elaborate as to whether she and Novak ever called the police.  

Kaling is now mom to 4-year-old Kat and 2-year-old Spencer, while Novak is the godfather to her children. 

"It comes very innately to him, you know, like being with children," Kaling previously told ET of Novak. "So he's a great godfather."