Miranda Kerr Says It's 'Incredible' That She and Orlando Bloom Get Along With Each Other's Partners

The former couple was married from 2010 to 2013.

Miranda Kerr is proud of her relationship with her ex. In an interview on Instyle's Ladies First With Laura Brown podcast, the 38-year-old model discussed how well she and her ex-husband, Orlando Bloom, get along with their respective partners.

Kerr and Bloom were married from 2010 to 2013, and share a son, 10-year-old Flynn. Following their split, Kerr tied the knot with Evan Spiegel, and the pair welcomed two sons, Hart, 3, and Miles, 1. Meanwhile, Bloom moved on with Katy Perry, to whom he got engaged in 2019, and welcomed a daughter, Daisy, with in 2020.

"It's incredible that [Orlando and I] have been able to find other partners who work really well with us," Kerr said on the podcast of Spiegel, 31, and Perry, 36.

"Evan and Orlando really get along just as well as Katy and I," she continued, "so it’s such a blessing, and it doesn’t need to be any other way. It can be harmonious and you can be super kind."

The relationship with each other's partners is just one example of how Kerr and Bloom have maintained an amicable post-split relationship.

"From day one, when Orlando and I separated, we have been very close, really good friends," Kerr said of her 44-year-old ex. "I always have wanted the best for him, and he’s always wanted the best for me."

As for her and Perry specifically, Kerr said she and the singer "just clicked instantly, so easily, like we had been friends before or something."

Kerr's latest statements came just over a month after she discussed her current relationship with her ex and his fiancée.

"We go on holidays together. We celebrate all the important milestones together…I love her. I mean, it'd be safe to say that I love [Perry] more than Flynn's dad," Kerr said on the Moments With Candace Parker podcast. "He's, like, to me right now, a brother. And most of the time, an annoying brother."