Stars Rally to Support 'Bully'


The documentary film Bully has been in the spotlight recently as the film's crew and thousands are rallying to encourage the MPAA to change the film's rating, and the stars came out to show their support for the film at a screening last night.

"The important thing is [that] you learn a lot and it's a very human story," comedian Kathy Griffin praised of the film. "We've all been bullied for whatever reason so this really isn't a film that only applies to the LGBT community."

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Actress Dana Delany shed light on the subtleties in everyday exchanges that are the equivalent of bullying. "I've been caught up in it," the Body of Proof actress admitted. "We don't even realize when we're saying certain words how offensive they are and how hurtful they are because we've just come to accept them so much."

Director Lee Hirsch conveyed his gratitude for the support that the film has received, and revealed that the film's inspiration came from his experiences of being bullied as a child.

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"I made the film having been bullied. I made [it] because I wanted to give a voice to kids that are bullied because you feel like you have no voice when [you are being bullied]," Hirsch declared. "There are a lot of people that went through this and this is for them."

is set for limited release beginning next Friday (Mar. 30).