Watch 'Men in Black 3' in a Whole New Way

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Get ready to interact with Will Smith, Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones and all the crazy alien characters of Men in Black 3 in a whole new way…

Video: Exclusive: Go Behind the Scenes of 'MiB 3'

Home video movie-watching is no longer the domain of the den and the giant-screen TV as more and more movies and TV content are consumed on the fly. Practically everything is portable now, and watching movies with the iPad is now an even more interactive experience with the introduction of Movie Touch.

The techies at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have been burning the midnight oil to provide the coolest "added-value" opportunity yet to interact directly with a movie with just a swipe or tap of your finger on your iPad. It definitely goes beyond the concept of a second-screen app, since you're doing it all on one screen.

The Movie Touch technology is making its debut with Men in Black 3 -- out on Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack November 30 – and later on the upcoming Total Recall Blu-ray Combo Pack. The immersive app allows users to watch the movie on their iPad while also navigating (in a horizontal "film strip" style pane just under the film's widescreen image) a wealth of behind-the-scenes videos, photos, fun facts, soundtrack music info, multi-angle explorations, an interactive timeline, actor profiles, exclusive content and more – all sharable on Facebook and Twitter.

Video: Will Smith Keeps Swingin' at 'MiB'

Movie Touch also allows users to clip select scenes from Men in Black 3 and share them via Facebook and Twitter. While it would be nice to be able to grab any part of the movie you'd like to share, rather than pre-selected scenes, it's still pretty cool to be able to do it so easily.

The Movie Touch App is available free from the App Store ( with approximately 10 minutes of the Men in Black 3 movie and the Movie Touch experience. The full-length feature film can be downloaded through an In-App Purchase, unlocking the full Movie Touch content. Consumers who buy the physical Men in Black 3 Blu-ray Combo Pack can also unlock the full Movie Touch experience from the corresponding App. CLICK HERE to see how Movie Touch works.