'Fruitvale Station' Stars Shine Light on Tragedy


On Monday, Oscar winner Octavia Spencer and the stars of Fruitvale Station, alongside the film's producer Forest Whitaker, premiered their summer drama based a real-life, tragic tale, and they revealed just why the death of Oscar Grant at the hand of a Bay Area policeman needs to be explored.

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"I think that it's important to see this film for may reasons; one -- Oscar Grant, who was killed tragically, this issue of justice; no matter what your life is, no matter what the difficulties, you deserve to be able to be placed in the space of justice," said Whitaker. "At the same time, there's another thing about profiling I think is very interesting and important to look at; why they were chosen, why they were taken aside. We need to look at that. Then we need to look at what it takes for a community, how it affects a community afterwards. I think this film is going to resonate all over the world."

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In theaters July 12, Fruitvale Station tells the true story of Grant (portrayed by Michael B. Jordan), a 22-year-old Bay Area resident who was fatally shot in the back by a BART officer at Fruitvale Station platform in the wake of a scuffle on New Year's Eve, 2008. The film follows Grant's day leading up to the tragic events and how his efforts to start turning his way of life around were derailed permanently.

Written and directed by Ryan Coogler, the film also stars Melonie Diaz and Ariana Neal.