Hugh Jackman Reveals Post 'Wolverine' Diet Splurge


We already know that Hugh Jackman spares no expense getting into shape for his super-ripped Wolverine character and he even confessed that this time around he actually dehydrated himself before one shirtless fight scene. But as ET's Rocsi Diaz found out during an interview at Comic-Con, Hugh rewarded himself by sweetly savoring his first post-diet splurge!

"Burger and fries -- a burger with everything," Hugh explained about his first meal after the intense dieting for The Wolverine. "And I spent about three hours choosing the ingredients of that burger," added the 44-year-old star, who said he washed it all down with a chocolate milkshake.

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Hugh also revealed that he borrowed the diet of his buddy Dwayne Johnson while ripping up for the role, but said the Pain & Gain star wasn't that impressed with his post diet cheat. "So I took a photo of it -- of me with this double patty burger -- and I said 'cheat day.' And he texted me back, 'amateur,'" he joked.

When asked about what is different this time around for the character he's been playing for the past 13 years, Hugh said the fans will definitely see a different side of the dark superhero, whom he said undergoes a kind of rebirth. "Forget everything that you've seen, forget the Wolverine you know," he said.

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"You get to see him vulnerable. You get to see him emotionally scarred from everything he's done in his life. You get to feel what it would be like to be two or three hundred years old if you've done a lot of bad things," he added, while assuring fans that they'll also be seeing plenty of Wolverine's "berserker rage" and kick-ass moves.

Watch the video to also hear Hugh reveal his favorite movie character of all time and to find out how he handled those fierce claws during filming for The Wolverine, which tears into theaters this Friday.

On October 12, Hugh is bringing his one-man show Hugh Jackman ... One Night Only to the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles to benefit the Motion Picture & Television Fund.

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