Rodriguez: 'Machete Kills' Ups the Stakes and Cast


Hardcore murder machine Machete, the violent and tough-as-nails Mexican mercenary, is returning to screens with even more blood and guts in Machete Kills.

The world was introduced to Machete in the form of a fake trailer, directed by Rodriguez, that played between films during the Rodriguez/Tarantino double feature Grindhouse. Fans were so enamored with the blade-wielding assassin character, they demanded that Rodriguez actually produce the fake film.

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And so he did. The first film had Machete, played brilliantly by long-time Rodriguez collaborator Danny Trejo, sword-fighting Steven Seagal and gun-fighting alongside Robert De Niro. The sequel has kicked it up a notch.

Charlie Sheen, credited as Carlos Estevez, is the president of the United States, Mel Gibson plays a serial killer, Sofia Vergara has a bra that shoots bullets, and that's all before we get to Amber Heard, Lady Gaga, Jessica Alba, Antonio Banderas, Cuba Gooding Jr., Demian Bichir, Vanessa Hudgens, Michelle Rodriguez and Alexa Vega.

"The stakes are higher, the cast is bigger," said director Robert Rodriguez. "Getting to work with so many amazing actors… I mean, it's got one of the most amazing casts, I think ever."

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Along with an amped up cast, the gore has been elevated to a new level of grindhouse art. Blades to bullets to bombs, this movie revels in people bathing in blood, all while never loosing its unlikely sense of fun, humor, and whimsy. Yes, even some whimsy.

"[Machete Kills] makes Machete look like a kids' movie," promises Trejo. Just a reminder as to the significance of his claim, the original had a body count of 98 corpses. So, Machete Kills stands to be one massive gore-fest.

Check out the video for more from the stars of Machete Kills about the fun atmosphere on set, and what the movie has in store for audiences.

Machete Kills
hits theaters October 11.