Celebrating 30 Years Of 'The Karate Kid'!


It's the best, around. Nothing's gonna ever keep it down. Of course we're talking about the iconic 80s coming-of-age martial arts movie The Karate Kid, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this weekend.

In honor of three decades of unintentionally encouraging kids to fall down while trying to balance in a crane position on top of a post in their backyards, ET has a look back at the legacy of The Karate Kid, including rare behind-the-scenes interviews with a (very young looking) 22-year-old Ralph Macchio, screen tests with Macchio, Pat Morita, and Elisabeth Shue, and even a stroll through the enduring franchise the film created.

Role Call: Who Got Hired In Hollywood

Even die hard Karate Kid fans may not realize the kind of impact this film had on Hollywood. For example, Elisabeth Shue left Harvard to take on the role of Ali, and the fourth film in the franchise, The Next Karate Kid, launched the career of two-time Oscar winner Hillary Swank.

Also, did you know that the role of Daniel was originally offered to a very young Charlie Sheen? Just imagine the parallel universe where Charlie didn't turn down that role. What a strange world that must be.

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Check out the video for more Karate Kid goodness, and if you're craving some additional trivia, here are 5 other things you might not have known about the film.

1. Pat Morita was not the only actor to try out for the role of Mr. Miyagi. Iconic actor Toshiro Mifune, best known for his work in some of the most celebrated samurai films of all time, screen tested for the role, but was not selected because he seemed too serious.

2. DC comics received a special 'Thank You' in the credits of the film, because The Karate Kid was the name of a character in DC's Legion Of Superheroes and they owned the name, but the comic company gave the film special permission to use it.

3. The Karate Kid was nominated for only one Oscar, and it was for the brilliant performance by Pat Morita. The director, John G. Avildsen, credits Morita's performance in his drunken scene, which was almost cut by producers because they thought it was boring.

4. Kyle Eastwood, the son of legendary actor/director Clint Eastwood, also auditioned for the role of Daniel.

5. The beloved Joe Esposito song You're The Best was not originally intended for The Karate Kid. Esposito wrote it for Rocky 3, but was cut in favor of Eye Of The Tiger.

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