No, Kirsten Dunst Doesn't Want to Take a Selfie With You


If you meet a celebrity and there is no photographic evidence on Facebook, did it really happen?

Kirsten Dunst is calling out all those so-called fans who would rather take a selfie with her than have a conversation. In a two-minute short directed by Matthew Frost, Dunst appears as herself while two girls approach her with their phones. Very few words are exchanged, save for one particularly self-involved request at the end of the clip. (Kirsten's face, though? Priceless.)

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Dunst isn't the first star to take issue with today's selfie culture.

Asked what people say to him when he's recognized on the street, Jake Gyllenhaal told Vanity Fair: "We don't want to talk to you, we just want to take a picture with you." Ouch!

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Meanwhile, Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery has said that she takes on an alias (Rich Britney from Beverly Hills, to be specific) to avoid selfie seekers when she’s in Los Angeles. "There's a time and place. If I'm with my godchildren having a meal in a restaurant and someone wants a picture, which I realize might make their day, it's not appropriate," she told Radio Times.

Celebrities: they're people, too! Just remember -- if you’re going to ask for a selfie, at least offer up a compliment first.

ASPIRATIONAL from Matthew Frost on Vimeo.

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