WATCH: The Go-Go's Go Wild on Summer Tour!


In a new interview, Belinda Carlisle, Jane Wiedlin, Charlotte Caffey, Kathy Valentine and Gina Schock took us back 30 years to when the Go-Go's were getting their first taste of stardom and fans were getting their first experience of a whole new sound.

Released in 1981, the Go-Go's debut album Beauty and the Beat shattered records, being the first album to top Billboard's Top 200 chart that was made by an all-female band that wrote and performed its own songs. The album has since gone double platinum.

"We were bad girls disguised as good girls, I think," said lead singer Belinda, who will be performing on her 53rd birthday, August 17, for the group's homecoming show at the legendary Greek Theater. Belinda was in her early twenties when the group signed their first major record deal, as were the rest of its members.

"Just getting together for rehearsal, when all five of us are in the room together there's this wonderful energy that happens," said Gina. "We have a good time. It's kind of contagious and so when you come to our show you can feed off of us."

The girls are currently on their Ladies Gone Wild tour and you can pick up a copy of the remastered 30th anniversary edition of Beauty and the Beat, in stores now.