Jennifer Lopez Gushes About Marc Anthony 3 Months Before Split


Jennifer Lopez speaks to ET about her marriage and family life just three months before announcing her shocking split from Marc Anthony.

In the interview, Jennifer gushes about Marc: "I respect him and I trust him to have my best interests at heart." She continues: So if he's going to give me criticism, I know it's because he wants me to be great or he thinks I can do better. And I'm the same with him. I love that about our relationship."

Jennifer also speaks about enjoying her role as a wife and mother. "I mean I'm enjoying every single moment. When I get up in the morning, and I see my husband lying next to me I enjoy that. When the babies cry and I have to go get them, I enjoy that. I'm enjoying how, like I said, how fortunate I am in every minute that I have my husband, that I have my family."

Watch the video to hear Jennifer and Marc speak more about their relationship and reveal how they deal with balancing family life with their busy careers.