What You'll Be Surprised to Know About Seth MacFarlane's Christmas Album


Tease the season to be jolly and Seth MacFarlane is getting in on the holiday fun.

A follow-up to Music Is Better Than Words, his Grammy-nominated 2011 debut album, Holiday for Swing! is MacFarlane's first Christmas-themed album. And if you had any doubt that the man who brought us Family Guy and Ted couldn't turn out a legitimate record for the holiday season, guess again. ET recently caught up with the crooner and uncovered five things you'd be surprised to know about the album.

Why Christmas music?
The 41-year-old admits he's not particularly religious but says a holiday-themed album was a no-brainer. "For this kind of music in 2014, a Christmas album is the most logical fit," he says. "Anything to get in on the jackpot that is Christmas time commercialization."

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The album has strong roots in jazz music.
Seth recorded the album with a full orchestra and says it's an "honest recording"--what happens in the studio is what you hear on the record. "I was never really that big a fan of Christmas music honestly, but I was a big fan of the genre orchestral jazz which goes hand in hand so often with Christmas music," he told ET. He later added, "To be in a room with an orchestra like that, if anything it makes your better. I supposed some people find it intimidating but to me it's sort of an energizing factor."

Seth enlisted some famous friends to duet with.
Previous collaborators Sara Bareilles and Norah Jonas are also featured on the album. "They are both phenomenal," he gushes. "Both brilliant vocalists so it made sense to look no further."

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If you love Family Guy, you'll love this album too.
"For people who've seen Family Guy I feel like this transition isn't all that surprising because we do take the music on that show seriously," he admits. "We use a full orchestra every week."

It's also the perfect record to get you in the mood... 
"I imagine people screwing when they hear this record," he jokes. "Bear skin rug, fireplace, couple of glasses of brandy, lots of body hair."

Seth with close out 2014 with the San Francisco Symphony on New Year's Eve and then is back to working on Ted 2, which hits theaters June 26. Watch the full video to find out what we can expect from the highly anticipated sequel.

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