Flashback: 10 Years Ago, Kelly Clarkson Rocked Out On 'Since U Been Gone' Video Set


It's been 10 years since Kelly Clarksondropped her album Breakaway, the album that spawned the ultimate post-breakup power anthem "Since U Been Gone," and we're going back to when ET was on the set of the high energy music video.

Kelly, the first-ever American Idol, was already a household name thanks to the reality singing competition, but it was Breakaway that helped establish her as a pop singer. The 22-year-old was excited to shed her Idol image and show off her rock flare with lead single "Since U Been Gone."

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"I've always been a rock girl," Kelly told ET in 2004. "This video happens to be a little bit more rock so I'm bringing out the rockier side of me."

The concept of the music video was simple: seek revenge on a cheating boyfriend! It was a subject that Kelly admitted to ET she knew all too well.

"It's about a relationship that went sour," she told us. "I thought everything was good and it wasn't. Any 22-year-old girl goes through that crap."

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The song was a smash, peaking at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and staying in the top 10 for 20 weeks. Not only did it help give Kelly's sweetheart persona a bit of edge, but the song would earn her a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Performance. Not to mention it became a powerful broken-hearted anthem.

"I kind of have this thing with girl anthems," she said. "It just fits me at this point in my life."

Breakaway also spawned three other top 10 hits including "Behind These Hazel Eyes," "Because Of You" and "Breakaway." The album also took home a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album. But "Since U Been Gone" remains Kelly's most successful single to date.

Watch for more behind the scenes of the music video and we dare you not to sing along!