Madonna Gets Candid: Acting Her Age, Making Movies and Which Scorsese Film She Almost Starred In

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Madonna is getting candid about ageism in Hollywood.

In an interview with ET special correspondent Jason Dundas, Madge, 56, responds bluntly to critics who say she should "act her age."

"I am acting my age," she says. "This is me, this is how I wanna be. I can do what I want, OK? ... There's no rules, and people should just leave me alone. Let me do what I wanna do."

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Adding: "I shouldn't be limited by my age or a number."

ET was with the Queen of Pop back in 1984 on the set of her "Borderline" music video, where a young Madge told our cameras: "I am out to do something and I'm gonna do what I need to get there. I have a lot of confidence in myself, so I think that's part of it and people feed off that."

Current-day Madonna had a quick reaction to the clip. "Why am I wearing purple lipstick?" she quipped. "It's really irritating." But, she said, young Madge did get one thing right.

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"You need confidence to survive in this business," she said.

Madonna has not only survived in the biz, she's thrived. Rebel Heart, out March 10, marks the superstar's 13th studio album and she's already working on her next big-screen project.

"I was writing a screenplay while I was writing music," she said. "I didn't know what I was gonna do next: make a record, go on tour, or make a film, and I decided in the end to make a record and go on tour. After that, I'm gonna make a film."

Madonna kept mum on details about the project, which follows her 2011 directorial debut W.E., but she did reveal the iconic role she almost played.

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"It was a Martin Scorsese film and it was between me and Sharon Stone," she teased, revealing herself as a top contender for Casino. Though the role ultimately went to Stone, Madonna is ever the gracious runner-up.

"She was great!" Madonna said of Stone's performance.

Watch Madonna's interview in the player above and tune in to Entertainment Tonight for more.