Nev Schulman Says He's Writing an Article About What He Found Out About Dina Lohan's Ex-Boyfriend (Exclusive)

Nev Schulman and Dina Lohan (inset)
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Dina Lohan's long-distance internet relationship with Jesse Nadler made headlines after it was revealed that she'd been dating him for five years and had never met him in person or even spoke on FaceTime. While they've since broken up, Nev Schulman, the star and creator of the docu-series Catfish, says there's a lot more to the story than people realize.

Speaking with ET Live on Monday, Schulman addressed the high-profile drama between Lohan and her former mystery man, and revealed that he actually tried to get Lohan to be a part of his series and to investigate Nadler.

However, Schulman said that things "unfortunately" didn't come together in time.

"We got very close, we were talking to her team and working out the logistics of bringing her to meet this guy that she was talking to and was in love with," he recalled. "But for a number of reasons it didn't happen."

When news of Lohan's mysterious boyfriend made major headlines during her time on Celebrity Big Brother,Schulman responded to reports on Twitter, writing, "YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME. Let’s do this!"

While Lohan and Nadler's relationship ended in April, shortly after it came under public scrutiny, Schulman revealed that he's "still working on the story."

"Not necessarily for an episode of Catfish, but because there's a lot more to it than just Dina, and I think it's an important story that needs to be told," he added. "So I think I'm going to write an article, or some sort of piece about that whole situation and hopefully you'll see that soon."

Another thing Schulman said he's holding out hope for is the chance to co-host an episode of his show with one of his "dream celebrity co-hosts" -- either Drake or Ariana Grande.

"They're both big fans of the show and have expressed interest in co-hosting with me," Schulman said, excitedly. "So, fingers crossed, hopefully that happens."

Check out the new season of Catfish, which airs on Wednesdays at 8pm ET/PT on MTV.


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