Watch Dina Lohan's Mystery Boyfriend Describe Their 'Unbelievable Chemistry' (Exclusive)

Dina Lohan's mystery boyfriend is happy to be out in the open. 

Dina Lohan's mystery boyfriend says he's happy to be out in the open. 

ET's Keltie Knight spoke to the man believed to be the one Lohan has been corresponding with for five years -- but whom she's never met up with -- via FaceTime on Thursday. He says his name is Jesse Nadler and that he's a 53-year-old investment consultant. Nadler says he'd already spoken to Lohan for a couple of hours this morning, following the Celebrity Big Brother finale on Wednesday night. 

"She had no idea how this story went so big because she was sequestered in that Big Brother place," Nadler says about fans being curious about Lohan's boyfriend after she told housemate Kandi Burruss that they had been talking for five years but had yet to meet. " ... She's very happy that the world knows I'm a real guy."

Nadler says he and Lohan first bonded over both being from Long Island, New York.

"Over time, we both started feeling those little pitter patters," he shares. "We talked more on the phone, now we talk five to 10 times a day."

As for why the two haven't met yet, Nadler says he's actually buying a place in the Hamptons close to Lohan. 

"Of course we want to see each other," he says. "The original plan is I'm buying another place in the Hamptons ... I'm going to live seven to eight months on Long Island, the rest of the time out here [in California]. So we're gonna be together, thick as thieves."

And he's definitely not worried their romance will be a bust in person.

"We have so much chemistry when we talk on the phone ... we just had this really, really unbelievable chemistry," he stresses. "We know it's real ... The world thought it was some wingnut kind of thing."

Nadler says he already has their highly anticipated first date all planned out. 

"I'm going to take her for a hike through the California Redwoods, which is about three minutes from my house," he shares. "I'm going to take her to a really nice restaurant, get a big table and just order everything on the menu, and then I'm gonna take her down by the water ... I've got a lot of good things out here. But honestly, I wish I could have that first encounter walking the sand on the beach in Long Island." 

Nadler says he's pretty sure marriage is in the cards for them. 

"I have a real funny feeling that the chemistry we have now is just gonna be 10 million times better when we're together," he says. "She cracks me up and she's got a huge heart ... that's why I fell for her."

ET spoke to Lohan's ex-husband, Michael, on Wednesday, who said he's spoken to Nadler on the phone and approves of him.

“Actually, he's a really nice guy, with a good heart, and I like him and if he makes Dina happy -- I'm happy for them,” Michael told ET. “Dina needs somebody in her life she can trust and quite honestly, after my communication with him and knowing her, they are perfect for each other. Finally, there might be someone to fill in my shoes!”

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