Watch: ET Canada's Last 'All My Children' Set Visit


Cameron Mathison, who plays Ryan Lavery on beloved soap All My Children, recently gave ET Canada one last set visit before the iconic show leaves network television for good in September.

Mathison is staying positive despite the show's 41-year run coming to an end, sharing that he's looking forward to what now lies ahead.

"It'll be kind of exciting, I hope, after 14 years of having like a regular gig, to be out there kind of living the life of an actor again," he says. "Even though I was acting regularly, I wasn't sort of living the life of an actor -- that's part of [it] the audition process, and job to job, what's coming next."

And what about those rumors that he's in the running to replace Regis Philbin as Kelly Ripa's co-host (Ripa being one of the many actresses who got her start on All My Children) when he retires from Live With Regis & Kelly this year?

Mathison plays it cool, only commenting, "Obviously, that seat, everyone wants that seat, Regis's seat, so it's cool to see that Kelly's putting a shout-out for me."

Check out the video to visit some of All My Children's most memorable settings one last time, and for Mathison's take on the possibility that the soap may continue either online or on cable television.