Police May Investigate Bieber's Alleged Fling

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Mariah Yeater's reported paternity suit against Justin Bieber could land the now 20-year-old woman in hot water with the law.

Yeater reportedly told Star magazine that she had a sexual encounter with Bieber at Staples Center in Los Angeles after one of the pop star's concerts last year. Yeater went on to claim that this fling resulted in a baby boy that she gave birth to in July.

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A rep for the LAPD confirmed to ET that they might look into the alleged encounter because, if true, it violates California's statutory rape law. At the time the affair was alleged to have happened Bieber was just 16 while Yeater was 19. This would be considered a misdemeanor under California law, which could mean up to a one-year jail sentence for Yeater if convicted.