Video: Lindsay Lohan Arrives to Court


Lindsay Lohan arrived to her Wednesday court hearing in Los Angeles, where she was officially allowed to change representation from her longtime lawyer Shawn Holley to new attorney Mark Heller.

Clad in a black sleeveless dress and dark sunglasses, Lohan was accompanied by her mother Dina Lohan, and faced judge Stephanie Sautner who previously presided over her necklace-theft case. Wednesday's hearing pertained to whether she has violated her latest term of probation by allegedly lying about her car crash last summer on Malibu's Pacific Coast Highway. Lohan's Porsche crashed into the back of a dump truck last June, and she was charged with three misdemeanors -- obstruction, providing false information to an officer and reckless driving.

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Sautner set a March 1st deadline for pretrial motions, and the trial date is set for March 18th. However, Sautner is retiring soon and another judge will hear the upcoming trial and any related motions.

Lohan was originally not going to appear today in court because she was allegedly too sick to fly -- but wound up catching a flight to Los Angeles from New York Tuesday evening to make her latest court appearance.

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Heller, who's not licensed to practice in California but has previously represented reality TV star Jon Gosselin, has also lined up an associate to help him with the case. Holley has already filed paperwork asking the judge to release her from Lohan's case.