Stars Behaving Badly


From Paula Deen to Tiger Woods, stars losing endorsements is nothing new, but not every misbehaving star has suffered a loss of public support.

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Paula Deen has famously lost her show, publishing deal and millions of dollars in endorsement deals following her N-word controversy, while comparatively little has been made of Alec Baldwin's latest outburst containing a derogatory term for homosexuals. Adweek's Emma Bazillian calls this a double standard.

"[Deen] is kind of vilified for being this southern racist," Bazillian said. "On the other hand, Alec Baldwin uses homophobic slurs, but he's a northeastern liberal who's campaigned for gay rights in the past, so he doesn't get quite as much flak and people aren't talking about it that much."

Conversely, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong and Chris Brown weren't as fortunate as the Oscar-nominated actor.

Watch the video for a look back at some of the biggest endorsement losses suffered by misbehaving stars.