Hasselhoff and Daughter Talk Weight Struggles


Taylor Hasselhoff spent a good portion of her childhood on the set of her father David's wildly popular series Baywatch, and in a sit-down with ET reminiscing about those days of sun and sand, Taylor tells us she felt a bit pudgy as a nine year old on the set.

"Honest to god, I was fat growing up and I blame it on the craft services because they would tell us to be quiet and go eat," the now 23-year-old revealed at a big reunion with the cast 25 years later at The Hollywood Show, held quarterly for fans in Los Angeles.

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As ET uncovered earlier this week, the guys and gals of Baywatch were contractually obligated to stay trim and thin, but Taylor, as a child, was unaware of the rule and envied her father's co-stars' slim physiques.

"We always laughed because we look at pictures and, you know, little round face and little belly and I said, 'Mom what did you feed us!?'"

Crediting her dad, Taylor tells our Brooke Anderson that she soon wised up and began watching what she ate and began hitting the gym regularly.

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"It's just being with my dad, he's so active," she said. "I don't know any other 60-year-old man that looks like him and no plastic surgery; absolutely natural. I just don't understand it. I'm like, I really hope I have your genes!"

While biological makeup no doubt played a part, David credits self-control for keeping his weight down.

"It's easier to stay in shape than to get in shape," he chuckled. "I learned a long time ago."