Giada Slices Open Finger During Live Special

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The kitchen is prone to some very bad accidents --  even when you're a professional!

The audience members at Food Network's annual Thanksgiving Live special on Saturday witnessed this firsthand, when chef Giada De Laurentiis suffered a gruesome accident involving a knife and some fresh turkey she just prepared. The 43-year-old star sliced deeply into her left index finger during a commercial break, and had to immediately leave the show to receive medical attention for her deep cut.

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She later showed off her stitches on Instagram.

"Before & adjustment to my normal mani! #backtonormalin2wks #thanksgivinglive," she wrote, giving an up-close view of her gory cut.

She took to the Today show Monday to explain the incident in more detail.

"Honestly, I've been doing this a long time. I've never cut myself like this," she admitted. "I guess I just sliced through my finger at the same time [as I sliced through the hot turkey.] When I realized it, I went to the sink to put pressure to see how big it was. ... I think everybody kind of freaked out."

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But she did assure her fans that she's perfectly fine despite the serious live television mishap.

"It's all right. It throbs a little bit. And I have to sleep like this and basically walk around like this," she said, holding up her bandaged finger.

"I got several stitches on this little tiny finger. The problem is I sliced into my nail bed ... And you know I love my manicures," she joked.