J.Lo On Ben & Diddy: Let Those Motherf***ers Drown!


Things got real when Jennifer Lopez showed up on Power 106's Big Boy's Neighborhood webcast and was asked hypothetically: If both Ben Affleck and Diddy were drowning in the ocean, which of her high-profile exes would she save?

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Beside herself with laughter, the 44-year-old American Idol judge exclaimed, "I'd let both those motherf***ers drown!"

Even for an ex, that's cold, J.Lo!

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To be fair, Jennifer was only joking, and even followed up by saying, "Ben, Puffy, you know I love you."

J.Lo dated Diddy from 1999-2001, and Ben, her former fiance, from 2002-2004.

Check out the video
for her whole interview. In addition to chatting about her famous former flames, Jennifer also talks about her craziest fan encounter, misconceptions people have about her and her affinity for the F-word.

Speaking of, be warned, the interview features a fair amount of profanity, F-bombs in particular.

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