The First Person to Get an iPhone 6 Dropped It on Live TV


Jack Cooksey
was set to have the best day ever: he lined up with hundreds of other Apple fans in Perth, Australia to get the new iPhone when stores opened today. And Jack was the first person in all of Australia to get an iPhone 6. And then he dropped it on the ground on live TV.

“It's always best to stay calm when you're handling something fragile,” 9 News Perth writes in this video’s description, which at worst, is super patronizing to say after the fact, and, at best, would have been helpful to know five minutes ago.

(When the phone hits the ground, someone shouts “s--t.” Just a heads up.)

"S--t" indeed. Thankfully, the phone was fine:

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Meanwhile, you too can break your iPhone 6 with one easy step.

Last year, the trolliest corner of the Internet, 4chan, photoshopped an Apple ad saying that iOS 7 would make iPhones waterproof. And people believed it. You would think it goes without saying, but: iPhones are not waterproof.

They decided to do it again this year, but with microwave charging:

People, please do not put your iPhones in the microwave.

(For the record, this is what happens if you microwave your phone.)

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