Jamie Foxx Plays Ping-Pong, the Harmonica & the Piano at the Same Time


We already know that singer/comedian/actor Jamie Foxx is a triple threat, but he took his talent to another level with Nancy O'Dell on the ET stage.

In trying to find things that Jamie can't do, Nancy came up short. The Anniestar was even able to beat Nancy at her own sport -- ping pong. This led Nancy to an idea -- have Jamie play the piano, the harmonica and ping pong all at the same time.

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Jamie took the challenge, giving Nancy a run for her money.

"I give up!" Nancy said after a few back-and-forths of ping pong. "You can certainly do it all."

Fans will be able to see Jamie do it all on the big screen in Annie, opening Dec. 19, as New York mayoral candidate Will Stacks, who takes foster child Annie (Quvenzhane Wallis) into his home.

In real life, Jamie has a full house. Most of his family members live with him including his two daughters Corinne, 20, and Annalise, 6.

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"[Annalise] was actually on the set of Annie," said Jamie. "She was on the set of Django Unchained too, which kind of threw her off, because Annie is so nice. She was like, 'Dad, when are they going to start killing people.' I was like, 'Nah, this is Annie.'"

While Annalise is visiting movie sets, Corinne has been busy on photo shoots as an up-and-coming model (she's signed with the L.A. Models agency and has done gigs for Icing Jewelry). In true dad fashion, Jamie is encouraging and cautious of his daughter's career ambitions -- drawing the line when it comes to risqué shoots.

"Corinne knows that whatever she does, I will support her," said Jamie. "But I better not see Corinne with her clothes off."