'The Flash': 9 Quick Teasers to Speed Through Before Season 2 Premieres!

The CW

It's time for a speed-round of (mild) spoilers!

The Flash
returns tonight with its highly anticipated sophomore season, and everyone is dying to know what's coming up next in Central City after that shocking season one finale.

To celebrate the return of the most addicting superhero series on TV, ETonline is bringing you nine quick-paced teases you should definitely speed through before tonight's premiere.

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For a show that's all about speed, it should come as no surprise to you that we'll be fast-forwarding our story with a six-month time jump. Not to worry, you'll still find out what happened with the singularity.

Cisco will be getting some strange vibes in the first two episodes of The Flash, but he'll only confide the truth to one of his teammates. Better start shouting our your guesses!

Not only are we going to the return of some of our all-time favorite villains, (hellooo, Captain Cold!) we're also going to be treated to some brand-new, yet beloved DC Comics baddies, i.e. Zoom.

The Scarlet Speedster? More like the Solo Speedster. The heartbreaking repercussions of the Central City singularity will cause Barry to shut out those he loves the most.

We cannot stress this enough: Make sure you have at lease three boxes of tissues on hand! When Barry Allen cries, you will most definitely cry, and unfortunately this will happen at multiple points in the episode.

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The CW

Jay Garrick -- aka the original DC Flash -- will be making his highly anticipated season two debut at the end of tonight's hour as Barry's newest high-speed mentor. We'll be giving you a plethora of more scoop on this Earth-2 resident before episode two, so check back next week for much more.

Thanks to Cisco, Barry will be rocking a flashy new suit in season two complete with a new lightening bolt emblem on a white background.

Dr. Harrison Wells (or should we say Eobard Thawne?) may not be such a completely horrible, childhood-ruining guy after all. Okay, fine -- he totally is, but he may have found a way to alleviate some of the hurt he caused…

Another DC favorite will also be making her debut in season two. Patty Spivot, who will appear in episode two, will definitely give you some serious Felicity Smoak vibes, while still being a wonderfully unique addition to the show.

Season two of The Flash premieres tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW