Play Our 'The Voice' Drinking Game to Celebrate Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's First Episode as a Couple!


What better way to honor Blake Shelton than with a drinking game?

The Voice live shows start tonight, which is exciting in its own right, but it’s also the first episode since Blake and fellow coach Gwen Stefani confirmed that they are dating. After party hopping in Nashville last weekend, will the new couple -- Bwen? Gwake? Do we even still do this? -- be extra cutesy on air? Or will they suddenly play coy?

Either way, grab a beverage and play along. (If you need inspiration, Blake previously told ET that he keeps a little vodka in his trusty Starbucks cup.) Just make sure you drink responsibly and cut yourself off if you ever think you’re watching American Idol.

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• If Blake or Gwen say something flirty to one another.

• If Blake and Gwen engage in The Voice’s brand of adorable bickering.

• If Blake and Gwen give each other any knowing side eyes.

• If Adam Levine makes a joke about his bromance with Blake being over.


• If Blake or Gwen make a joke about the fact that they’re dating.

• If Pharrell says Gwen isn’t his “boo” anymore.

• If Blake and Gwen are, at any point, shown holding hands or hugging.

• If Blake and Gwen sing together. It’s the first live show, so the coaches will probably all perform a song together, but if Blake and Gwen serenade each other or harmonize together, drink!

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• If Blake and Gwen kiss. Even if it’s on the cheek, take a shot!

• If Blake and Gwen call each other “boyfriend” and “girlfriend.”

• If Carson Daly awkwardly brings up the fact that Blake and Gwen are dating and tries to give them a couple nickname. (Didn’t you read the intro, Carson? We don’t even do that anymore!)


• If anyone mentions Miranda Lambert.

• If nothing happens and we watched The Voice for nothing. Well, nothing except all that undiscovered talent!

Now, find out how Adam Levine feels about his fellow Voice coaches dating:

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