The 16 Most Original Celebrity Baby Names of 2015


The children are our future, and for some babies born to celebrities in the digital age, their scope of influence is virtually boundless before they've even had the chance to learn object permanence.

As you may know, naming a child is a challenging process, particularly when it's literally just an adorable little mass of carbon and unchecked potential. Which is why it's important we take some time at the end of every year to acknowledge those celebrities who go above and beyond the call to deliver not just a baby, but some of the most creative, original, and sometimes downright baffling names for their little inheritors of the free world.

All babies are miracles, and you can't reduce one to its name. However, these are the 16 most original celebrity baby names of 2015.

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1. Saint (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West)

This name says more about all of us than it does the baby. After North, we tried to guess what Kim and Kanye would call baby No. 2, and we feel like we were close, we really do.

At the end of the day, it wasn't Easton, it wasn't South, it wasn't Kanye Jr., it was Saint. And we have to be honest... we kind of like it!

2. Spurgeon Elliot (Jessa and Ben Seewald)

Named after a 19th-century preacher, Jessa and Ben took a minute to come up with this one, but seemed really happy with their final selection.

3. Jagger Snow (Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross)

Good to see it wasn't just Pete Wentz inspiring possibly the most creative baby names ever. (Before there was Saint West, there was Saint Lazlo.) Now that Ashlee is very happily married to Evan Ross, the couple came up with something just as unique and awesome!

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4. Arlo Day (Leighton Meester and Adam Brody)

The couple went very old school for the name of their first child!

5. Elsie Otter (Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik)

We'll be damned! The New Girl star named her first child after those adorable river animals, and it has got a really nice ring to it, too. Elsie Otter.

6. Silas Randall (Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake)

Talk about an old classic! Silas was a big hit in the 1800s, and if there's any couple who can bring it back in a big way, it's Justin and Jessica!

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7. Sistine Sabella (Kevin James and Steffiana de la Cruz)

Getty Images

For baby No. 4, the couple went with something that harkens back to Michelangelo's masterpiece!

8. Rocket Zot (Sam Worthington and Laura Bingle)

Getty Images

You're gonna do well in life, you may already be doing so, but you just KNOW that someday this kid is going to be your boss. Somewhere, somehow, you're gonna have to clear your vacation days with someone named Rocket Zot.

9. Cooper Blue (Dylan Lauren and Paul Arrouet)

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Who would have thought that the two-first-named daughter of two-first-named fashion world conqueror Ralph Lauren would not only come out of the gate with Cooper Blue, but have twins and immediately repeat the feat.

10. Kingsley Rainbow (Dylan Lauren and Paul Arrouet)

Cooper and Kingsley. Rainbow and Blue. Life is beautiful.

11. Sloane Ava (Macklemore and Tricia Davis)

Someone's gonna need to pick up diapers at the thrift shop! (Not actually, Macklemore. Buy better diapers.) In any case, Sloane Ava is a beautiful name for the couple's first child, born in May.

12. Wilder Francis (Donald Faison and CaCee Cobb)

Donald and CaCee are no Scrubs at picking names! This is an absolutely gorgeous name that also could be a Sundance movie title, and actually someone should check on that, because it very well may be one.

13. Violet Moon (Sarah Shahi and Steve Howey)

Another pair of adorable twins made their debut in 2015!

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14. Knox Blue (Sarah Shahi and Steve Howey)

Person of Interest
star Sarah Shahi and her Reba husband, Steve Howey, added a new daughter and son to the family in March, and came up with not one but two deeply interesting names!

15. Max Red (Casey Wilson and David Caspe)

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We should have expected this from one of our favorite Happy Endings stars. Max alone is a fun name. Red alone is great as well. But MAX RED? Are you kidding?! That's downright adorable and especially given that super cute baby picture, we just can't handle it at all.

16. Sailor/Saylor (Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler; Liv Tyler and David Gardner; Bristol Palin)

The next wave of celebrity baby names has a fittingly nautical theme! While Kristin Cavallari named her newborn daughter, Saylor (with a "y"), Bristol Palin recently announced that she plans to give her baby the same name, only with an "i." Moreover, in February, Lord of the Rings star Liv Tyler welcomed a baby boy -- also named Sailor!

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Great names all-around, 2015! Can't wait to see what next year has in stork for us.

Watch the video below for the "Sailor" baby name craze sweeping the seas of the celebrity world.