Bella Thorne Drops More Hints About Hollywood's 'Mean Girl': It's Not Kylie Jenner

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Bella Thorne doesn't have beef with Kylie Jenner.

The 18-year-old Disney star recently had fans speculating about her relationship with Kylie, when she told Seventeen magazine about a "mean girl" in the business that some thought sounded a lot like the youngest member of the Kardashian clan.

"Her siblings are not mean like she is," Bella dished last month. "It's just her. One of the reasons I don't like her is because she's been a billionaire since she was very little, and she's never had to work for anything in her life."

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In a new interview with HuffPost Live, the former Shake It Up star says that the person in question is definitely not Kylie.

"I love Kylie, she's super sweet," Bella says. "Kylie and I don't really get to hang out all that much, we used to hang out more often when we were both a little bit younger. She's so sweet ... We have lots of mutual friends. I sat next to her at Fashion Week and we were talking. She's awesome, and we said we would catch up and stuff, and she's really great."

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Bella also clarifies her original comments, saying that she dislikes the person not because she's wealthy, but because she flaunts her money in a distasteful way.

"It's not that I hate her because she's a billionaire, it was, I don't like her because she's a billionaire and makes sure everybody knows she is," she explains. "You know, I didn't grow up with money or anything like that, and even if I did, I'm not very much like that."

"If somebody wasn't flaunting it in a mean way to make others feel bad about themselves, then I would not mind it," she adds. "It would be, you know, 'Go girl, you do you, good for you, I'm happy that you have a great life,' but when people do it in certain types of ways, [it makes] you not really appreciate them as much."

Although if you're trying to make guesses at who Bella's famous mean girl could be, it's going to be pretty difficult -- the two are probably never going to be seen together.

"I stay away from her at all costs," Bella told Seventeen. "I never say hello to her."

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ET caught up with the actress in August, when she dished about filming love scenes with her Midnight Sun co-star, 22-year-old Patrick Schwarzenegger.

"It was the weirdest thing I've ever experience in my life," Bella, who's happily dating former Wizards of Waverly Place star Gregg Sulkin, admitted. "We're running these scenes and all of a sudden he puts his hand on my leg and I'm like, 'Your arms around me. I really didn't see this for us, but OK. I'm going with it. This is cool.'"

Watch below:

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