The 18 Most Regal Royal Moments of 2015

Kate Middleton, Princes Harry, William, and George, and Princess Charlotte had quite the adorable year.

This was a big year for the royals: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka Prince William and Kate Middleton to us commoners) celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary. Prince George celebrated his second birthday. A brand new royal, Princess Charlotte, was born.

And -- bad for us, but good for him -- Prince Harry managed to remain clothed in public at all times, unlike in 2014.

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Hear ye, hear ye, plebeians! Behold, the 18 best royal moments of 2015:

1. Obviously, the birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana in May.

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And the fact that her name pays tribute to William’s late mother, Princess Di.

2. The fact that Princess Charlotte’s first photoshoot was ADORABLE.

HRH The Duchess of Cambridge

3. When Prince Harry was officially knighted.

His grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, declared him a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order.

4. When Prince George made his Buckingham Palace debut dressed in the same outfit his dad wore all the way back in 1984.

Plus, Kate Middleton’s hat in the background.

5. That time the actual royals, Prince William and Kate Middleton, had tea with America’s royals, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

The four spent the afternoon sipping tea at Kensington Palace and discussing their “shared interest in combating the illegal wildlife trade,” a spokesperson told ET. Unfortunately, they didn’t take the time to even snap a selfie together.

6. And that time that Prince Harry had tea with Michelle Obama.

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A lot of great tea times happening this year.

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7. When we thought for a minute that Prince Harry might be dating Emma Watson.

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We still ship it. Harry isn’t ready to settle down, anyway. "At the end of the day, there are lots of things to be done before settling down," he's said. "Everyone looks forward to settling down, but in the meantime, it's work as usual."

8. When Prince George adorably stole the show at Princess Charlotte’s christening by being the fussiest little monarch ever.

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9. When we found out Prince George’s nickname is “monkey.”

William said Princess Charlotte was "a little joy of heaven, but at the same time, it is more responsibility, looking after two little ones, especially when George is around. He's a little monkey."

10. These adorable photos of Prince George from his second birthday.

11. Not to mention these adorable photos of his parents still as madly in love as ever.


12. Or these adorable photos of Kate Middleton being, well, adorable at a children’s charity even.

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That is her "welly wanging," aka throwing a wellington boot as far as possible.

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13. Kate Middleton’s dress at the Spectre premiere.

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It was indeed a moment.

14. The faces that Kate Middleton made when she went rappelling.

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15. And this photoshoot Kate Middleton did of Princess Charlotte.

16. The iconic moment Kate Middleton wore Princess Di’s tiara.

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Kate wore the Cambridge Lover's Knot tiara, one of her late mother-in-law’s favorites, at the annual Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace.

17. When Prince Harry finally admitted he was cooler than William.

Apparently he was the last one to figure it out. "Older brothers are supposedly the cool ones," he said. "I'm a younger brother, but I'm much cooler than my older brother."

18. Last but certainly not least: The royal Christmas card.

Did we happen to mention this family is adorable?

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