Kylie Jenner Totally Has a Giant Mural of Her Own Face in Her Mansion

This is what happens when 18-year-olds can afford multi-million dollar mansions.

Kylie Jenner purchased her $2.7 million mansion before she even turned 18, so we shouldn’t be surprised that one of the rooms features a giant mural of her face, right?

Kylie revealed the work in progress on her Snapchat account on Monday, sharing a pic of the unnamed artist at work and a video revealing the mural -- which spans almost an entire wall -- in further detail.

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That’s not the only questionable decor in Kylie’s house, however. In a video tour of her new pad back in October, Kylie revealed that she had Tyga’s mugshot framed on bookshelf.

Kylie Jenner

No word on whether or not the picture’s still up, given the pair’s rocky on-again, off-again relationship, but at least Kylie still has one familiar face on the walls!

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