Nick Jonas Praises Ex Miley Cyrus During Candid Reddit AMA: Her New Persona 'Is Awesome'

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Nick Jonas has nothing but love for his ex-girlfriend, Miley Cyrus.

The 23-year-old musician was asked about his former significant other during his Reddit AMA on Thursday, specifically, his thoughts on the "Wrecking Ball" singer's current image, which is definitely way more controversial than when they dated in 2006.

"It's been a while since I spoke to Miley, but I think that the persona is awesome and I think that she is living proof that you can continue to evolve as an artist and a creator," Nick replied.

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"And I'm a huge Woody Allen fan, so I'm looking forward to seeing the show that she's doing with him," he added, referring to the news that the filmmaker cast Miley in his new '60s-set Amazon series.

He also had good things to say about his past as a Disney star, appearing in 2008's Camp Rock and the Disney Channel series, JONAS, alongside his older brothers, Kevin and Joe.

"As far as one thing people don't know, I think the main thing is that it does actually give you good perspective on work ethics," he said. "People confuse being a young Disney star with just the pressures that you face, which is one piece to it, but it's more than just that."

Nick clearly has a great work ethic these days, making a successful transition as a solo artist and even dabbling in acting since the Jonas Brothers split in October 2013. But could he ever see himself settling down to have kids, like his 28-year-old brother, Kevin, who welcomed his first child, Alena, in February 2014?

"I'm going to be honest and say that kids do scare me a little bit in the sense that it's a lot of responsibility," Nick admitted. "And I love kids -- love hanging out with kids -- but it is a huge responsibility, because this is a person that you'll have to take care of for their entire life."

Still, Nick's adorable niece may have him changing his tune.

"All of that fear and doubt in myself went away recently when I spent a day with my niece," he shared. "I basically was there for about six or seven hours, just gave her all of my love and attention for that time, and she's two years old. There would be times when she was busy playing by herself, or doing her own thing with other people, and she would give me throughout the course of the seven hours, maybe 12 minutes total of her dedicated time. And that was the best 12 minutes of my year."

"So, I saw very quickly what the magic and beauty of having your own kids is," he continued. "Even just in being an uncle, it was a really special thing. And I'm really happy for my brother and his wife, and I love my niece."

Of course, the questions got a bit personal, but the always candid Nick was completely game.

"Speaking of sexy, I wear boxer briefs," he replied when a user asked about his underwear preferences. "The combo package is the best package to hold the package."

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Check out the video below to see Nick and his close pal, Demi Lovato, surprising a 5-year-old cancer patient named Aiden at Children's Hospital Los Angeles earlier this month, by sweetly singing "Happy Birthday" to him.