Gisele Bundchen Hilariously Teaches Jimmy Fallon Catwalk Secrets: 'You Could Take My Place!'

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Gisele Bundchen may be retiring from the runway, but she's leaving it in good hands (or rather, good heels).

The supermodel explained her decision to move on from catwalks after a 20-year career on Tuesday's Tonight Show, saying that she's wants to focus on "being the best mom I can be."

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"[I'm] taking this year as a sabbatical to see where my life will take me," she told host Jimmy Fallon. "I'm just waiting to be inspired."

And who better to follow in her footsteps than Fallon himself!

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"I can't just leave," Bundchen explained. "I was hoping you can take my place."

And since this is the Tonight Show, the challenge was gleefully accepted.

Watch the hilarious clip below.

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Look out, America's Next Top Model, we might already have him!

In the meantime, who can blame Bundchen for moving on from the runway world, as it seems like her life with Tom Brady and their two kids -- 6-year-old Benjamin and 3-year-old Vivian -- is one that anyone would want. Even Kendall Jenner!

Watch the video below.