Matt Damon and Jimmy Fallon Hilariously Square Off in 'Box of Lies': 'It's a Nose Slinky!'


The winner might surprise you!

What is real? What is a lie? No, we’re not talking about The Matrix, but rather, Jimmy Fallon’s “Box of Lies.” The Tonight Show host invited actor Matt Damon to test out his lying skills on Wednesday night by playing the popular game.

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The Jason Bourne star went first, pulling out a small potted bonsai tree with tiny gnomes around it. Instead of describing the object, he went for a less-than-convincing lie.

“It’s a slinky with a nose on it. It’s a nose slinky,” Damon said of the plant.

Fallon wasn’t falling for it, and called the Oscar winner on his lie.

Next up it was his turn to try and trick Damon. Pulling out a clear piggy bank filled with boiled shrimp, Fallon first quipped that it was an “everyday thing” that could be found on your desk.

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He then went on to describe a porcelain miniature hot tub with figurines of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and a shirtless character that was either a “Young Luke Skywalker or Justin Bieber.”

The item sounded so ridiculous that Damon believed Fallon was telling the truth and lost the game.

Damon has been making the rounds to promote his new action flick. Watch the clip below to see him burst out laughing during couples therapy with Jimmy Kimmel: