Kim Zolciak Defends Lip Injections and Cursing in Front of Her Younger Children on 'WWHL'

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Not only is Kim Zolciak an open book, but the Don’t Be Tardy star also has no shame when it comes to her life choices! The 38-year-old reality star visited Watch What Happens Live! on Wednesday night with her hubby, Kroy Biermann, and eldest daughter, Brielle.

Almost immediately, host Andy Cohen grilled the mother of six about her plump pout, saying, “Is it possible that your lips have gotten bigger since I last saw you?”

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But Zolciak insisted, “No, I haven’t had them done in a while.”

Cohen persisted, saying, “Yes, you have. Sweetie, you need to stop,” but Zolciak still claimed, “No, I haven’t. It’s Voluma, it lasts two years!”

The skeptical host then asked Brielle to weigh in, and she confirmed her mom’s story, saying, “We actually made a trip to L.A. and didn’t get our lips done!”

Zolciak’s husband, Biermann, added, “It’s a makeup technique. They overdraw them.”

But that wasn’t the only hot-button topic discussed on the Bravo show. A caller also asked Zolciak if she felt her frequent cursing around her four younger children would have a negative impact on them at school.

“No, KJ is in school, he’s in kindergarten, and he knows, and he’s always known, kind of when he was able to cuss and not,” she said. “So no, I’ve not had an issue at all. In fact, he’s one of the best behaved and his teacher said he sets a perfect example every day.”

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She then tried to shift the blame off herself slightly, adding, “He’s got a 19-year-old sister too, on top of that, and a 15-year-old sister,” to which Cohen exclaimed, “Don’t throw Brielle under the bus!”

Brielle also defended herself, noting, “Why do you think I talk like this?”

Biermann defended his bride, saying, “It’s proven and there’s studies that have shown that [a] person who curses is more honest and can handle stress better and can do different things a little bit differently than a person who doesn’t.”

The proud mom insisted that she sets boundaries for bad language in the house, saying, “He doesn’t do that in front of Kroy, just so you know.”

But Cohen wasn’t buying the excuse, saying, “But he does it on TV!”

“Our film crew is like our family,” Zolciak explained.

On a lighter note, the reality star opened up about her belief that Biermann would make a good co-host on Live With Kelly!

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“Kroy is very well-spoken,” she said of her footballer husband. “He’s super funny. He’s hot, let’s start with how hot he is, but he’s very well-spoken and just very educated… I think being a dad, being a football player, being on TV. That’s your best friend.”

For more of Kim’s antics, watch the clip below!