Gayle King Breaks Everyone's Hearts, Says Oprah Winfrey Will 'Never' Run for President

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Oprah Winfrey won't be adding a presidential campaign to her busy schedule.

Despite a recent Bloomberg Media interview where the TV mogul jokingly pondered the idea in wake of Donald Trump’s presidential victory, her bestie Gayle King made it clear that Winfrey will "never" actually run for office.

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"I was in the audience that day and it was clearly a joke when she was playing with David [Rubenstein] because they have such a great rapport," the CBS This Morning host explained during Thursday’s show. "But I also heard on the Oprah Winfrey Show, guys, over the years, you always have the right to change your mind. But I would bet my first, second-born and any unborn children to come, that ain't never happening."

"Never say never," noted guest co-host and CBS news correspondent, Anthony Mason, whose optimism didn't exactly change King's mind.

"I'll say never on this one," she replied. "Nevah. N-E-V-A-H. Nevah,"

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Aside from politics, Winfrey recently opened up about why she never had children, and spoke to the maternal bond that she shares with the students at her Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy in South Africa.

"I have 172 girls, and 20 are in college in the United States and use my home as their home base,” the 63-year-old billionaire explained to Good Housekeeping U.K. "It is more rewarding than I would ever have imagined. When people were pressuring me to get married and have children, I knew I was not going to be a person that ever regretted not having them, because I feel like I am a mother to the world’s children."

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