EXCLUSIVE: RuPaul Gushes Over Dream 'Drag Race' Guest Star -- Judge Judy!

'That's the one judge I have to have on the show," RuPaul tells ET.

You better work, Judge Judy!

RuPaul gushed over the longtime TV judge at the MTV Movie and TV Awards on Sunday, telling ET's Nischelle Turner that he watches Judge Judy, "oh my God, every day!"

"I love it, it fed my soul," the RuPaul's Drag Race host said. "That's our go-to judge. That's the one judge I have to have on the show!"

Drag Race was recently renewed for a 10th season on VH1, but no word yet on whether Judge Judy will finally make an appearance. In the meantime, RuPaul is offering up his best style tips.

"You have to go off your own rhythm, your own frequency and that's what you dress to," he said. "You can't just put something that looks good on a runway model on your body. It has to work for you. ... It's all about the attitude. If I can't sell it, if I can't feel it, it's meaningless."

Last season, Mama Ru sat down with ET to spill casting secrets and revealed the one thing to never say in an audition tape for the show. See the interview below.

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