Gal Gadot Challenges Chris Hemsworth's Thor To a Battle With Wonder Woman

Getty Images

Who would win in a battle between Thor and Wonder Woman? Gal Gadot seems to think that her DC Comics heroine would come out victorious.

"They ask me, who would win? Wonder Woman or Thor?" the 32-year-old actress said in a video tweeted by Katie Couric on Friday. "And I think it's Wonder Woman, Don’t you, Chris?"

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It didn't take long for The Avengers actor to respond, tweeting, "I think she’d kick Thor’s a**."

Gadot then replied to Hemsworth, teasing that their DC Comics and Marvel characters should duke it out.

"I always knew you were a smart guy :) But I think it's worth a fight. We should collide worlds?."

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While Gadot's Wonder Woman co-star, Chris Pine probably isn't too excited about their proposed battle (throwing shade at The Avengers: Infinity War earlier this week), fans instantly loved the idea and begged for it to happen on social media.

Hemsworth will next be seen reprising his superhero role in Thor: Ragnarok, out Nov. 3. Meanwhile, Gadot's Diane Prince can currently be seen in Wonder Woman and next up in Justice League, which will be released on Nov 19.