Nick Jonas Says Priyanka Chopra Is His ‘Partner for Life’ in Bashful Interview (Exclusive)

The newlywed opens up to ET’s Kevin Frazier about married life.

The blush of a man in love!

Nick Jonas couldn’t help but gush about his new bride, Priyanka Chopra, when speaking exclusively to ET’s Kevin Frazier. The 26-year-old musician tied the knot in an epic fashion last month with a full weekend of celebrations in India. Though his romance with Chopra may have seemed like whirlwind to the outside viewer, to Jonas it felt perfectly natural. 

"It was kind of an instant thing. I knew once we locked in together that I had a partner for life and a teammate, someone I could walk through the good times and the bad times with, and that was the key,” Jonas tells ET. "I’m blushing now!”

Overall, the “Chains” singer is looking forward to the new and exciting chapter in his life as a married man. 

"My life is very good right now, very excited, lots of good things coming up,” he dishes. “It’s been a good year.”

ET spoke with Jonas as well as Queen Latifah and Ted Danson, who are partnering with Cigna to encourage their fans to be open with their doctor about everything they’re feeling, body and mind. 

"I’m a type one diabetic. The importance of health in my life is everything and it starts with the mind and the body,” he explains. "They’re all connected and when you can get a grasp on all that I think it’s really helpful.”

For more from Jonas and Chopra, watch the clip below: 


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