Oliver Hudson Recalls How Kurt Russell Made Him Destroy His Own Car as a Teenager

Oliver Hudson and Kurt Russell

The actor got busted when he was younger for attacking adults with a paintball gun.

Kurt Russell is both a skilled actor and an inventive father! 

Oliver and Kate Hudson consider the 67-year-old actor their dad after decades of him being in a relationship with their mother, Goldie Hawn, and on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, Oliver shared a story about when Russell enlisted a strict yet clever punishment on him when he was just 16. 

It happened after he and his friends were attacked by another group of kids while they had their fully loaded paintball guns on them. "We go after the kids, but we ended up firing at a bunch of adults, who then called the cops, who then came up on us, guns drawn, assault with deadly weapons, full-on raid,” the Splitting Up Together recalled.

Things got even more interesting when Oliver and his friends were brought down to the station. 

“We were all sitting there and they go through and they say, ‘We’ve got to call your parents,’ and they get to me and say, ‘What’s your dad’s name?’” the 42-year-old actor remembered. After he told them who his dad was, "they start fighting over who is going to make the call."

Russell came down to the station to collect Oliver and landed on a rather unusual punishment. "My punishment was to shoot up my Honda Prelude with blue leather interior,” he told Kimmel. "I had to shoot up my car, dent it up, and drive that for the rest of my existence." 

The late-night host questioned that punishment, and Oliver tried to explain, saying, "His philosophy is -- I know what I did was wrong, right? So why ground me? So at point-blank range you’re going to destroy your car and you’re going to have to drive it for the rest of however long you own this car.”

Oliver also opened up about his famous family and their annual Halloween party, which has been cancelled for an important reason. 

"They’re at my sister’s house. Really, really amazing parties, although this year there’s no party. She had a baby,” he said of the 39-year-old actress' third child. "The baby ruined everything. I said to Kate, ‘You know what, who cares? There’s a baby, let’s still have a fun party. The baby will sleep. She’s only a few weeks old. She won’t know anything. We’ll just get wildly drunk and no one will know the difference.’”

For more on the family's new bundle of joy, watch the clip below: