Oliver Jackson-Cohen Reacts to Being Fan Cast as Marvel's Moon Knight (Exclusive)

ET sits down with the actor to talk 'The Invisible Man' and 'The Haunting of Bly Manor.'

"Sign me up!"

That's Oliver Jackson-Cohen reaction to calls for the actor to star in Marvel's upcoming Disney+ series, Moon Knight. Short of any official casting announcement, he is the internet's top choice to portray the titular role.

"I have heard this, yes," he told ET's Ash Crossan during a sit-down interview for his upcoming film, The Invisible Man. "I don't understand what a Moon Knight is," he added with a laugh. "Do you know what a Moon Knight is?"

Moon Knight is Marc Spector, a mercenary left for dead in the Egyptian desert who is imbued with the powers of Khonsu the Moon God -- "or he might just be crazy." (He has dissociative identity disorder in the comics.) The character is often likened to the Batman of Marvel Comics.

"Every single time I open Instagram, it's like, 'MOON KNIGHT!' And I'm like, 'This is so great and thank you, but I don't know what it is!' No one's called me," he said. He would happily answer the call, should it come, though. "I would love to be a Marvel superhero. That would be a dream. Tell all of your viewers to go and stand outside Marvel headquarters!"

In the meantime, Jackson-Cohen stars as the titular Invisible Man, reimagined as an abusive sociopath, in a modern take on the Classic Universal Monster. "It's fun and it's scary and it's creepy and all of that, but the core of what the movie's talking about" -- domestic abuse and believing women -- "we wanted that to last with people." Then, he returns to Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House for a second season, The Haunting of Bly Manor, which is currently filming.

"It's very, very different [from season one]," he said, though he played coy on any specifics. "We were all bit anxious about what they were going to do with the second one, and it is so brilliant what [creator Mike Flanagan] has done with it. It's a complete departure from Hill House, which I think is right. I think the audience is really going to enjoy it."

The Invisible Man opens in theaters on Feb. 28.