‘Outlander': Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe Dish on Jamie & Claire’s ‘Deeper Love’ in Season 4! (Exclusive)

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The 'Outlander' stars are also picking their all-time favorite Jamie and Claire scenes!

Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!

We still have 67 days until the next all-new season of Outlander graces us with its time-traveling presence, and we know that many of you lads and lassies out there are feeling particularly thirsty during this brutal Droughtlander.

To help quench your thirst for more Fraser family goodness, ET is bringing you a brand new interview with stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe! We traveled through the stones and over to Outlander's set in Glasgow, Scotland, to bring you the exclusive scoop on Claire and Jamie's "deeper love" in season four and why their relationship continues to triumph over each and every obstacle in their path.

When we last saw our shipwrecked laird and lady in the Starz drama's season three finale, they had washed ashore of the Georgia coastline in the new American colonies. (And to be honest, we never knew two people covered in sand could look so incredible.) As we move ahead to the events of Drums of Autumn, the fourth installment in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander book series, fans can look forward to more domestic bliss and less high-seas drama. 

“I think this season we've had a chance to explore what their relationship is without the external forces ripping them apart in the same way as we have previously,” Balfe recently spilled to ET’s cameras as she and Heughan relaxed on an American pub set which will be seen in season four.

“It's a more mature relationship,” Balfe added. “I think there's a deeper love there. It may not be the kind of on-the-surface passion that you have when you're first falling in love, but the passion runs deeper. They’re just a really solid team this season, which I think is really nice for us to be able to play.”

Heughan echoed his onscreen wife’s sentiments, saying, “We get to see them functioning [and] working with each other in very domestic situations. It’s really nice how they interact with each other and I think, for once, we get to breathe for a short time.”

Any Outlander fan will tell you that the Frasers are the ultimate relationship goals — no matter which century you’re living in! — but just what is it about Jamie and Claire’s time-traveling relationship that makes them such a perfect fit?

‘Well, I think that they're soulmates,” Balfe answered simply and sweetly. "I think that they push each other to be the best versions of themselves.”

“And now they really understand each other,” Heughan added. “They've been through a lot, and we have been through a lot, and there's a real understanding there. I think this season, without giving away spoilers, they find a place that they can call home that for them is something that they've always wanted.”

Want more season-four scoop from the stars themselves? Press play on the video above to watch our full interview with Heughan and Balfe in this week's episode of Shipworthy, ET's YouTube series that's devoted to celebrating the most romantic couples on TV!

Season four of Outlander premieres Sunday, Nov. 4 on Starz.