Pete Davidson Undergoes Drag Makeover With RuPaul on 'Saturday Night Live'

Pete Davidson as Chad on 'Saturday Night Live'

Davidson's hilariously stupid "Chad" meets RuPaul and gets a whole new look.

Pete Davidson made some big contributions to Saturday Night Live over the weekend, snagging more screen time in the one episode than the entire first half of the season. With RuPaul as the night's host, fans got another appearance of Davidson's recurring character, Chad -- a lovable idiot who's down for anything and very agreeable.

The premise of the pre-taped Chad sketches almost always focuses on Chad meeting someone who finds his aloofness attractive and falls in love with him despite him being almost dangerously stupid. However, the show switched things up and fans got a fresh take on the well-trodden territory.

This time around, RuPaul -- playing himself -- is posing for a photoshoot for the cover of Drag magazine, and laments that the world of drag needs a new star. Looking to the various PAs at the shoots, RuPaul is captivated by Davidson's Chad. "Everyone take five!" RuPaul declares to the crew. "Leave me, with the future of drag."

Turning to Chad, RuPaul says, "There's something dynamic about you, boy! Have you ever done drag?"

"Naw, just weed and pills," Chad says with a shrug and a blank expression before RuPaul kicks off on his makeover.

"Step one: The Tuck!" RuPaul explains, professorially, before breaking down for Chad the importance of taping down his junk. Unfortunately, Chad has trouble with even the first step and ends up taking it to his stomach with duct tape.

As the My Fair Lady-esque tutorial continues, Chad dons a dress, obsessively plays with his fake breasts, and gets his make-up done by RuPaul himself (whom Chad doesn't actually realize is a man, and don't seem to care one way or another).

Eventually, he gets a full look, but like all the times Chad has the chance at having everything he could hope for, he ends up walking away (awkwardly, and in heels) because it's just too much work.

SNL also shared a time lapse video of Davidson's full make-up session to turn Chad into his drag persona, The Queen.

Davidson played Chad earlier this season when the character sparked a romance with Jennifer Lopez in a sketch featuring a special appearance from Alex Rodriguez.

For more on Lopez' strong outing as Saturday Night Live host, check out the video below.

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