Prince George's Candid Moment Captured During Queen Elizabeth's Processional -- See the Adorable Pic

The queen's state funeral was held Monday at Westminster Abbey.

Prince George's candid moment during Queen Elizabeth II's processional was caught by an amateur photographer, who said he didn't notice it until later that afternoon!

Prince William and Kate Middleton's 9-year-old son's silly moment lasted a nanosecond following Her Majesty's funeral on Monday at Westminster Abbey, but it was just enough time for amateur photographer Matt White to capture it. The young royal sat in the car -- bound for Windsor Castle -- with the Princess of Wales and his sister, Princess Charlotte, in tow.

According to the Daily Mail, White, a sales consultant from Kent, England, camped out two nights to secure himself a front-row seat at the queen's funeral parade. White told the outlet he borrowed a camera for the event and, after taking the picture, he said he didn't know what he had actually snapped until later that afternoon.

"I'd seen Prince George and Kate go by and snapped a photo of their car, but it was only a very quick photo so I didn't think it would be that good," White said. "I only realized later when I was looking through the photos that George was pulling that face. It was quite a funny thing to get a photo of -- especially as he's now second in line for the throne and his brother did the same thing at the jubilee."

Matt White / SWNS

White, of course, is referencing Prince Louis, who stole the spotlight earlier this summer at his late great-grandmother's balcony appearance for her Platinum Jubilee celebration.

Back at the funeral, cameras also caught the moment when Charlotte was seen telling George, "You need to bow" as they waited for Queen Elizabeth's coffin to go past them at Wellington Arch. George listened intently and followed suit, as he was seen, on cue, bowing his head promptly when the coffin went past them.

"We all wish our children were as well-behaved as Prince George and Princess Charlotte," Norah O'Donnell, anchor and managing editor at CBS Evening News, said, laughing. "It was once again like she was keeping her older brother in line. When you talk to royal experts... it's about showing the continuity of the monarchy. That's why I think they wanted the children there, to show continuity. This has lasted a thousand years and it's going to continue to last."