Prince Harry Brings a Smile to a 3-Month-Old Baby's Face During YMCA Visit -- Watch!

Prince Harry
Adrian Dennis-WPA Pool/Getty Images

Don't miss this adorable moment!

Prince Harry is definitely ready for daddy duty!

On Tuesday, the 34-year-old dropped by YMCA South Ealing in West London, where he greeted attendees including a mother and her precious 3-month-old daughter, Naz.

Harry kneeled down to say hello to the pair and greeted the little one with a big smile. It took a moment, but Naz soon beamed back at him. He even gave her a tickle before guessing that she had just woken up, later adding, "I love that face."

Adrian Dennis-WPA Pool/Getty Images

He also surprised a ballet class consisting of kids aged four to six by participating in a balancing challenge. Along with the rest of the class, Harry put his arms up and attempted to balance himself on one leg for as long as possible. 

During his visit, Harry also met with the staff from multiple organizations, as well as families and children, to discuss mental health and improvements that can be made in communities. 

"There continues to be huge progress in smashing the stigma that surrounds mental health, but let’s keep normalizing the conversation," Harry said following the visit, via Instagram. "Let’s keep reminding each other that it’s okay to not be okay, and to listen to each other. After all, how we think determines how we act, how we feel, and how we treat ourselves and those around us."

This visit comes just one day after the soon-to-be father and his wife, Meghan Markle broke a Guinness World Record. On Tuesday, the couple started their own Instagram account and in less than six hours it had already garnered over a million followers! 

And by Wednesday afternoon, the account is inching toward three million! Needless to say, there’s massive interest in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their forthcoming first child, who Markle previously revealed is due in late April or early May.