Prince Harry Continues Princess Diana’s Legacy by Encouraging Others to Get Tested for HIV

Prince Harry

Making mum proud! 

Prince Harry used his voice and his platform to speak out for a good cause over the weekend. The 34-year-old Duke of Sussex recorded an educational video in honor of National HIV Testing Week, praising the fact that “new HIV diagnoses are declining the U.K.,” noting that the numbers have dropped by 28 percent nationally in the last two years. 

The topic is close to the royal’s heart as his late mother, Princess Diana, was a longtime advocate for HIV and AIDs awareness and testing. Diana famously shook the hand of an AIDS patient at a time where people still falsely believed that the disease could be contracted by touch. 

“There is still too much stigma, which is stopping so many of us from getting a simple, quick and easy test,” Harry says in the clip. "Taking and HIV test is something to be proud of, not something to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Two years ago, I took a test and the whole process was actually really easy. The result came back within just a few minutes.”

The Duke went on to note that it’s a “pivotal” time in the fight against HIV, declaring, "If we can continue to make HIV testing the norm and empower young people to take control of their sexual health, we can bring the generation to finally bring an end to HIV.”

Harry, 34, has taken several HIV tests publicly, including one with Rihanna in Barbados on World AIDs Day in 2016. 

For more, watch the clip below:  


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