Princess Love Says She Does Not 'Want to Be Married Anymore' to Ray J

Ray J Princess Love
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for MTV

Princess Love isn't done airing out all the headline-making drama that's been happening between her and her husband, Ray J.

Princess Love isn't done airing out all the headline-making drama that's been happening between her and her husband, Ray J.

On Thursday, 35-year-old Princess went on Instagram Live to tell her side of the story when it comes to her claims that he has left her and their 1-year-old daughter, Melody, stranded in Las Vegas. Ray J, who has since blocked her on Instagram, already denied her claims with his own video, in which he slammed her for taking their argument to social media.

Clearly, Princess -- who's currently eight months pregnant -- was unimpressed with 38-year-old Ray J's video and once again took to Instagram to give an update on their situation. Princess claimed that two weeks ago she found an extra phone Ray J had and that when she confronted him about it, he admitted that he had been "entertaining some women." She said they were able to put it behind then, but then when she accompanied him to the Soul Train Awards in Vegas on Sunday, he asked her to move to Vegas and she refused. She claimed that that's when the two got into a huge argument and he left her and stayed out all night. The next day, she said they got into another argument, and she accused Ray J of continuously threatening her with divorce whenever they argue.

"So I said, the way you just get up and leave and disappear, I gotta get back to L.A. and I gotta get my mind right before this baby comes because with the way you move, I'm liable to be alone at any given moment," Princess said. "And so he said, 'I'm preparing to be alone too. As long as I can see my kids Monday through Wednesday.' And I said 'OK, we can just be separated then.' And so he's like, 'Not before I file first.' So, you know, the conversation got really, really ugly. We started, you know, getting real disrespectful and so then he blocked me."

Princess said she and Melody were in a different hotel than the Skyloft that Ray J posted video of on his Instagram, and claimed he has not spoken to her or checked up on their daughter since their argument. She said she is now trying to figure out a way to drive her car back to L.A. because she is over eight months pregnant and has to make frequent restroom stops, and doesn't want to have to stop "in the middle of nowhere."

The Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star alluded to the two getting a divorce in the candid video. A source told ET on Wednesday that Princess is "fed up" and had been telling close family and friends that she’s considering filing for divorce from her husband of three years if the drama between them continues.

"I don’t want to be married anymore," Princess said. “Period. I don't have time for this. This is not love. And I'm done."

Prior to Princess' Instagram Live video, Ray J offered his own side of the events.

"I love my family," he said. "I’ve dedicated my life to my family. To insinuate that I would do anything to harm my daughter is just sad. Man, I'm at the Skyloft right now, as you can see. I just don’t understand how somebody can get ‘stranded’ when we never left! We’ve been right here. You’re staying right there. We’re gonna get into little arguments here and there, but it’s small stuff that you can work out. But to take to social media and create this crazy story about me leaving my baby in harm’s way is not cool.”

After the video, Princess posted on her Instagram Story, "Practice what you preach."