Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Share Their Love Story for the First Time Ahead of Wedding

'Vogue' releases a sneak peek of their cover story as the couple prepares to tie the knot this weekend.

While Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s romance may seem like a whirlwind, it’s been a long time coming.

In Vogue's new cover story, Jonas, 26, recalls how he got down on one knee in front of Priyanka the first time they met at last year’s Vanity Fair Oscars party. 

"I put my drink down, got on one knee — this is in front of a bunch of people — and I say, ‘You’re real. Where have you been all my life?’ Like, loud,” he tells the magazine. 

The two went back to her home where her mother was staying at the time, and the evening didn’t quite end as romantically as Priyanka had hoped. 

"We hung out for a couple of hours. He patted my back before he left,” the 36-year-old actress notes. 

"She’s still upset about that,” Nick admits. "Your mom was in the house! I thought it was a respectful first night."

"It was too respectful if you ask me!” Priyanka quips. 

The pair had been texting for months after Nick slid into her Twitter DMs, saying that mutual friends had suggested they meet. Priyanka responded by revealing that her team could read her messages and by offering up her phone number instead. 

“Boy got the number!” she exclaims. 

Nick had also texted Chopra’s Quantico co-star, Graham Rogers, saying, “Priyanka. Is. Wow.”

"That’s not the way I talk,” he admits after the fact. 

Annie Leibovitz/ Vogue

Nick’s older brother, Joe Jonas, also speaks with the publication about his future sister-in-law, gushing, "I think she kind of knocked him off his feet. He was just this little puppy dog.”

Nick couldn’t hide his affection for the actress, noting that they met up again in the spring at the Chateau Marmont after they walked the red carpet together at last year's Met Gala. 

"She walks into the Chateau, and I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and understanding about this next chapter of my life,” he says. 

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The former boy band member then told his mother after their third date that he fully planned to marry Priyanka. 

Prior to their engagement, the "Jealous" singer praised his future wife, gushing, "I love the way you look at the world. I love the drive you have.”

"As a girl, I’ve never had a guy tell me, ‘I like your ambition,’” she admits. "It’s always been the opposite." 

Her romance with the musician-actor has caused Priyanka to change one of her signature rules. 

"I’ve had that rule my whole life. Never publicly acknowledge a relationship. Ever,” she says. "I’ve not known myself like this. This guy turned me into such a girl! If I could blush, I’d be tomato red right now.”

Nick proposed to Priyanka on a birthday trip for her to Crete in July. 

Annie Leibovitz/ Vogue

"I got down on one knee, again, and I said, ‘Will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?’” he says. "No joke — she took about 45 seconds. Forty-five seconds of silence.”

Priyanka notes that she was stunned into silence, and after a minute, Nick pressed on saying, "I’m going to put this ring on your finger now unless you have any objections." 

The pair are currently preparing to tie the knot in an epic weekend of celebrations in India, of which Chopra says, "People will need vacations after this wedding."

According to Vogue, the actress will wear a custom Ralph Lauren gown, for the occasion, possibly even multiple gowns by the designer. Nick will be dressed in a turban and sword and ride in on a horse.

There will be both a traditional Indian ceremony and a Christian service, which will be officiated by Nick's father, held in different parts of the palace.

As for the future, "My ultimate dream is to have kids. As many as I can,” Priyanka says. 

For more on the couple's upcoming nuptials, watch the clip below: 


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